Mark has written for several magazines, newspapers, and academic journals, including;

BBC History, The Oxford Student and Historic UK.


The Other Designs for the Berlin Holocaust Memorial

Dr Mark Callaghan

Published by Palgrave Macmillan

for the Palgrave Macmillan Memory Studies collection


Painting over the Past: Political Palimpsests in Northern Ireland
and the Complexities of the ‘Whitewash’ Initiative

Published by Brill Publishing


Reflections on the Wall: Unexpected Responses to the Vietnam Veterans' Memorial

Published by Inter-Disciplinary Press


Black Bart – Democracy and Medical Insurance in the Golden Age of Piracy

Published by Historic UK


A Holocaust Memorial or a Memorial to Germany's Vicarious Trauma?

Published by Inter-Disciplinary Press


Jake and Dinos Chapman: Come and See

Published by Dandelion


Beauty in the Beast: In Defence of Brutalism

Published by ArchitectWeekly


Dabbling with Creative Spirit

Published by FRANCE Magazine


Michelangelo's David

Published by ITALY Magazine

Faking it in Shenzhen: The Pleasures and Dangers of Mimesis

Published by Art Times

Politics in Paintings

Published by BBC

Blue Plaque Heaven: Instant Culture

Published by The Oxford Student

Invisible Past, Invisible Future: A German's Response to the Holocaust

Published by Art Times


Einstein's Blackboard

Published by The Oxford Student


The Ox-identical Tourist: The Shark in the Roof, Headington

Published by The Oxford Student


No Exit for Jean-Paul Sartre

Published by FRANCE Magazine


Terminate Here: The Culture of Cancer

Published by The Oxford Student


Death of the Selfish Giant

Published by BBC

Lives of the Poets: Dangerous Love

Published by The Independent


The Spoils of a Battle Lost and Won 

Published by BBC


Debacle in the Jungle: Henry Ford’s Disaster in the Amazon 

Published by Invention & Technology Magazine